Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 8 to 14

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
A very nice start to the week, with sun mixed in with a bit of cloud. We cleaned all of our exterior windows, so we can look out and see the snow when it comes! Monday we attended the fall meeting of the Ottawa Branch of the National Association of Federal Retirees. We listened to two lectures about Transitions in Living - Housing and Money. Since we are both getting older it was of interest. Wednesday we went downtown to City Hall and got our Flu shots.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Two more good weather days have passed. Thursday we went downtown to the National War Memorial for Remembrance Day Services. It was good to be there and honour or veterans. Friday we both had our eyes checked. I will get new glasses soon. All this week I have been searching for information on people in my Kip/Kipp Family in America file. I have been adding new information. This is a very slow process. Saturday we attended the monthly BIFHSGO meting and listened to a great talk on sources for searching your WW I Canadian ancestor. Great weather on Saturday as well. In the afternoon we visited our daughter and stayed for supper and to watch a movie. We watched 3:10 to Yuma with Russel Crowe and Inception with Leonardo De Caprio. Sunday was another great day. Walked 44.7 km for the week. Biked 8.3 km.

November 1 to 7

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Monday my son-in-law changed our two outside water taps to frost-free taps. When they built our house 33 years ago they saved a bit of money by not doing it then. Tuesday was a gorgeous sunny day. Wednesday started off foggy. We went shopping for dish-washers. We will probably buy one on Friday. Late afternoon we cut up a pumpkin, cooked it and froze the pieces for use in making pumpkin muffins and custard during the winter months. We made a batch of pumpkin custard tonight as well. It was great. Along with that we made our tuna casserole. This usually feeds three for two meals, so with two of us it will last longer. Continued to tidy up the gardens for winter. Put up one of the bird feeders today.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
A little rain Thursday. Went shopping again and also took the car in for drip less undercoating. Friday cloudy with some rain. We went and had supper with our daughter and son-in-law. Good evening.
Saturday and Sunday were sunny. We are still working on identifying our European travel pictures. Finally finished off the garden cleanup for the year. Walked 38.3 km for the week. Biked 9.7 km.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October 22 to 31

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
These days are a bit of a blurr except that we managed to rake up and accumulate 7 bags of leaves and plant material to recycle. We also saw the two dogs Jackson and Hogan for a few hours. They were happy to see us both. We obviously had some jet lag as it took about 5 nights to get back into proper timing for our sleep habits here at home. I think we are now back to normal. Walked 20.8 km in three days.

Monday to Sunday
Another week has whizzed by. Did some more garden cleanup. Emptied the garage and swept it clean and then put everything back. Wednesday was very warm and sunny. Thursday we had our daughter, son-in-law and two dogs over for supper. Saturday evening and overnight it snowed in Ottawa. We were supposed to get about 1 cm but according to the official record we received 7 cm which is a record for that date. Finally got around to cleaning the house after being away for three weeks and then recovering for a week! We have been working on identifying the pictures from our European trip. After that we will work on our maritime Canada trip which took place in July. Then we need to edit pictures and produce two slide shows. Walked 51 km. Biked 9 km.