Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 22 to 28

Sun and cloud. The book on the London fire was The Great Fire of London, by Stephen
Porter. Finished it today. Good reading. I was back working on the Tillsonburg Kipp
family today. Found sources and new information for the family of William Kipp and
Rachel Mann; son Chauncey Kipp and Sarah Jane Laur and their children. Walked 7.5 km.

Rain, hard rain and snow flurries today, cold. No accumulation. Today I was back at
the Friends of the Library and Archives Canada sorting books. More work on the
Tillsonburg Kipp family. Walked 8.3 km.

Wednesday Walked 8 km.

Sun and cloud today, windy and cool. We started working on my talk about the Mohawk
valley of New York today. The talk is to be given on May 6th at the Sir John Johnson
Manor House in Williamstown, Ontario. We also went shopping this afternoon. Later
with some help I cut a small limb off of one our trees. I hope to get someone to come and do the rest for me soon. Walked 9 km.

Sun, cloud and cold today. This was the start day for our local Gene-O-Rama
genealogy conference. The new location was the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in
downtown Ottawa. We had picked up some items for the conference in the morning and
delivered them about 3:15 in the afternoon. After that my wife and I did a couple of
hours of research at the LAC. We then walked a couple of blocks to the Bay Street
Bistro and had a delicious chicken dinner. After a leisurely walk back to LAC we
looked around at the vendors, chatted with people and then attended the opening
ceremonies and an excellent talk by Lisa Alzo from Ithaca, New york on Silent
Voices: Telling the Stories of Your Female Immigrant Ancestors. Walked 6 km.

A bit cool with sun and cloud. My wife and I attended the Gene-O-Rama conference all
day at the Library and Archives Canada building on Wellington Street in Ottawa. The
conference seemed successful and the speakers were great. I listened to talks by Lisa
Alzo, Leslie Anderson, John Reid and Martha Seguin-Muntz. The programme book looked
great. (I produced it of course!) Walked 5.6 km.

Sun, cloud and cool. More work on the Tillsonburg Kipp family, in particular the
family of Henry Kipp and Rachel Ann Wintermute. The other day I found a marriage
record on for John (Jim) Kipp and Lydia McPherson. Rain this evening.
Biked 9.3 km. Walked 3 km.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 15 to 21

Clear today with sun and quite warm. 15 C. I spent part of the day doing research on the family of William Timothy Otis Kipp and Maude Mae
Ferguson. Followed this family to Reuben and Ann Kipp; Isaac and Mary Kipp; then
William and Mary Kipp in the US census. Also looked at his siblings and their
descendants. This is quite an extensive family. Friday I received an e-mail from the
Library of Congress asking for my approval for them to create an archive of my web
pages It must be because of the large amount
of Kip/Kipp data I have compiled there. I gave them the go ahead. We made more
scones today with cranberries this time instead of raisins. Yummy! Walked 9.9 km.

Sunny today. Temperature got up to about 20 C. Today I was back at the Friends of
the Library and Archives Canada sorting books. No family genealogy done today.
However, my wife and I attended the general meeting of the Ottawa Branch, Ontario
Genealogical Society in the evening. There was a very interesting presentation
titled: The Age of Cholera. It was the story of Dr. John Snow and the cholera
epidemic of 1854 in London, England. There was history context and genealogy
involved. We had our first bike ride of the year, which is very early for us. Biked 7.6 km. Walked 9.4 km.

Sunny today. Temperature around 16 C. I spent a few more hours doing
research on the siblings of William Timothy Otis Kipp and Maude Mae Ferguson. Biked 8 km. Walked 6.2 km.

Cloudy and then some sun in the afternoon. I read a book over the last two days, The
Best Cellar, by Charles Goodram. He used to work at the Library of Congress. It was
a murder mystery involving books, libraries and archives. An easy read. Biked 8.5
km. Walked 7 km.

Cloudy with sun in the afternoon. I worked on my Vanbuskirk and Alburtis connections
to New Amsterdam today. One of my Kipp correspondents discovered his connections
while talking to someone I worked with for years in the library and who was also a
cousin of mine. Small world as they say. We had our daughter and husband and their
two dogs over for supper. We then watched Who Do You Think You Are! This was a good
one with Liza Kudrow. Walked 7.6 km.

Cloudy and cool. No genealogy today. Instead I did some filling on the drywall in
the basement and the frames around our new windows in preparation for painting. I
also worked a bit on the next issue of The Ottawa Genealogist for the Ottawa Branch,
OGS and The Royal Yorker for the St. Lawrence Branch UELAC. Biked 9.6 km. Walked 5.1 km.

Cloud and then some sun but cool. I did a bit of Rathbun genealogy last night and
today to help the genealogist for the Rathbun family. Actually he helped me fill in
some gaps. I am also reading a book about the Great Fire of London, England in 1666.
Quite an interesting book. My wife has ancestors who lived in London. They may have
lived on the opposite side of the Thames from where the fire was. We also practiced
our dance steps today. Biked 9.3 km. Walked 5 km.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 8 to 14

Sunny today. Up at daybreak again. We put the dogs in their cages in the afternoon for a couple of hours while we went out shopping. They were happy to see us return and when we let them out they ran down the yard. We took them for a long walk as well. Practised our dance steps briefly. Walked 13.9 km.

Sunny today. Up about 7 am today. Because we had the two dogs I didn't go into work at the Friends of LAC today. I did some more sourcing of family files and uploaded some data to Ancestry. Walked 9.9 km.

Sunny. Awake again at daybreak. Dogs! We continue to go out for a couple of hours in the afternoon to give ourselves and the dogs a rest. We went to our Ballroom dance session again this evening. We spent most of the hour on the Cha-Cha and the Samba. This session was a real workout. Walked 10.2 km.

Sunny again and warm. We were awake at daylight this morning. I finished uploading my family files to Ancestry. This is another backup. If I need to I can create a GEDCOM file from Ancestry and download it to my computer. Again we went out shopping this afternoon for two hours to give ourselves a rest from the dogs. Walked 12.5 km.

Sunny again and warm. We were awake at daylight this morning. The dogs were up early! We made it through another day with the dogs. They were rather depressed this evening and were hoping to see their people. We went out shopping for a couple of hours to give ourselves a break. Walked 11.5 km.

More cloud today and a stiff breeze from the east. This afternoon we went to see another opera from the Met HD series at Silver City in Ottawa. This is one of the most intense and great operas that I have seen. Very physical and well acted and sung. This love/hate story sort of mirrors some of the things that still happen in the world today, so not much has changed! When we returned home the two dogs were really happy to see us. Around 5:30 the two dogs were overjoyed to see their owners walk through our front door. They were all over them, no holding back. We helped them move all of the dog cages etc. back home after supper. Walked 9.4 km.

Rain today. This will wash away some of the dirt and more of the snow. A quiet day for us! We survived the time change last night. Many of our clocks now adjust themselves, so I sometimes wait for a day to see what I need to do myself. I also know some of the older electronic items in the house will change in about a month because they have never had a software update. I updated some of the genealogy files on my home web page, . Walked 5.7 km.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 1 to 7

Now that I have sort of finished sourcing the 4th generation from Isaac Kipp and Hannah Meed I have moved on to working on what I call the Tillsonburg Kipp family. According the to Y-DNA study we are related and connected to the Kip/Kipp family of New Amsterdam. Walked 8.1 km.

This was my work day at the Friends of the Library and Archives Canada book sorting group. I did some more work on sourcing the Tillsonburg Kipp family. Walked 9.8 km.

I did some more work on sourcing the Tillsonburg Kipp family. Dancing lessons again tonight. We practiced the basic steps for the Samba and did a few other things including a review of the Cha-Cha. I find it difficult to remember all of the new things but my wife keeps me on track. Walked 9.1 km.

Weather is good. We went shopping today and bought a new BBQ that we saw and liked. It will replace the older one we have for which we cannot obtain parts anymore. It is huge compared to others we have had, with four burners plus a side burner for boiling pots. I also worked on the Conference Program for our genealogy conference which takes place March 26-27 here in Ottawa at Library and Archive Canada building. Walked 6.3 km.

Sunny. We spent the day getting ready for looking after our daughters two dogs. They spent the night with us. The older dog Hogan is not a problem because he lived with us for a year and knows our place like a second home. The sheltie does not consider our house as home. Having a sheltie wanting to sleep on the end of a double bed is a problem, not quite enough room, but he did it. Walked 10 km.

Sunny. We took the two dogs for a walk in the morning. In the afternoon we went to see the Met Opera in HD at the local Silver City movie theatre. This is a great way to see opera, because the camera can give you close up views. We saw the Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss. We have a little book which provides brief summaries of a number of operas, so we read up on it in advance. It is an interesting opera in that it has humorous moments unlike many where someone always dies at the end. An enjoyable afternoon of acting and music. Walked 6.6 km.

Sunny again today. We still have the two dogs with us, so we were up at daybreak. I think we all slept easier last night. We had then both out for a good walk in the afternoon. Watched some of the Academy Awards. Entertaining!
Walked 6.8 km.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb 22 to 28

A slow day again. I did several hours of sourcing for my Kipp lines. This is a very slow process, but it needs to be done. Watched more of our video series. I didn't watch any Olympic coverage today. I think the hockey game last night turned me off. The Canadian team needs to do something, like learning to play together as a team for the whole game. Walked 7.6 km.

Well winter is back after a two month recess. Wet snow today, with temperatures above zero. This was my work day at the Friends of the Library and Archives Canada book sorting group. In the afternoon and evening I worked at sourcing my Kipp lines again. We also watched more of our video series and some Olympic coverage. Our daughter and husband and the two dogs were over for supper. Walked 11.2 km.

More wet snow today. Worked on sourcing my Kipp lines. Watched some Olympic coverage including the Men's cross country relay and part of the USA Switzerland hockey game. Dancing lessons again tonight. We learned the basic steps for the Samba. I also converted another of my music tapes to digital files. Walked 7.6 km.

More wet snow today, maybe 5 cm. Worked on my sources again today but spent time searching the Google Newspaper archives, with some success. Watched part of the Women's Gold medal game in hockey. Canada won gold of course! We also watched women's single figure skating, with a bronze for a Canadian. I converted another of my music tapes to digital files. Walked 4.2 km.

A very messy day weather wise with rain and then snow. Very difficult stuff to move out of the way. It was a great day for medals for Canada in the Olympics. We spent much of the day on TV coverage of the Olympics. The Canada Slovakia hockey game was great with some tense moments at the end of the game. I worked at sourcing my Kipp lines again. Walked 9 km.

Cloudy day but no precipitation. We went shopping this morning to get some new washers and a faucet end for the kitchen. I worked at sourcing my Kipp lines and finished the 4th generation where I will stop for now because we are getting to the time period where records are not public. Walked 6.8 km.

A stable day weather wise. What a day for the Olympics. The 50 km ski marathon was quite exciting with a Canadian coming in 5th. The cliff hanger was of course the Canada US hockey game. We watched it at our daughters house and then stayed for supper. We had a nice visit and the dogs were happy to see us as usual. Worked on my German ancestors for a while today. Walked 6.6 km.