Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday April 25, 2009

I have been reading a couple of books over the past several weeks:

Eleanor of Aquitane. A biography, by Marion Meade. 1977. The historical facts of Eleanors life and marriage to Louis VII of France and Henry II of England are woven into an interesting history. It is just as good or better than any modern soap opera.

The Illustrated History of Britain, by Sir George Clark. 1983. This is a summary of British history interspersed with some interesting images.

Today I did more cleanup on the garden and lawn. Put out another 4 bags for recycling.

We did a shorter walk today of about 4 km. I was still a bit tired after the 17 km bike ride on Saturday.

Did a bit more work on the New Jersey Marriages. Colonial Era, 1665-1800 from I added a reference for a couple of marriages.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday April 25, 2009

Well the week has just slipped by again.

Tuesday I did a little volunteer work at the book sorting facility for the Friends of the Library and Archives Canada. This is my weekly volunteer activity other than the genealogy groups I work with.

We continue to walk daily sometimes up to 8 or 9 km. Occasionally we also go for a bike ride.
Friday we rode about 14 km and today we did 17 km round trip. I think we were both a bit tired. Of course we had the grand dogs over today as well and took them for a walk. So I guess we really are tired.

I am trying to get back to work on the documentation I collected at the FHL in Salt Lake City.
I went onto yesterday and looked at the New Jersey Marriages for Kip and Kipp. I am working through them and finding that I already have most of them.

I am also starting to work on the 1850 US Census again for Kip and Kipp. This is a little tedious trying to match names with names in my database.

Tonight we had a wicked wind storm go through our area followed by a little thunder storm and some rain. The temperature went up to about 28 C today in Ottawa.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday April 19th

I see it has been almost three weeks since I last posted. No excuse for that! I have not done much since then on the Kipp family.

The last week has been taken up with two newsletters: The Royal Yorker Spring 2009 issue for the St. Lawrence Branch UELAC and the Ottawa Branch News for the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. I have finally finished them and they will be printed and delivered shortly.

Last Saturday we went to a rerun of the Metropolitan Opera HD series at our local Silver City. It was a very intense opera but the singing and acting were excellent.

Since the snow has melted rather quickly I have been working on the spring cleanup of the gardens, including trimming the shrubs back so they don't take over.

We have not had any rain for about three weeks either and it was beginning to look like a drought. Tonight it has finally started to rain. That should green up the lawn a bit and help things grow.