Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan 25th 2009 Opera and Genealogy

Saturday we went to see the Opera Orfeo Ed Euridici in HD at the Silver City cinema. This opera was written by von Glick. It is a classic about love conquering all! The production was done in a modern style. I am always amazed at how simple the settings at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC are sometimes and yet they seem appropriate for the opera. By the way this is a great way to see opera at a very reasonable price. The view is much better also as there are not heads in the way to block you view!

I started back at genealogy again last week. Since we came back from New York City and Salt Lake City, I have worked through the following references that contain tidbits about the Kip/Kipp families.

1) Society of Descendants of Johannes de la Montagne. [World Connect/Rootsweb]

2) The Demarest Family. Compiled by the Demarest Family Association. 1964. [FHL Salt Lake City]

3) 200th Anniversary of the First Reformed Dutch Church, Fishkill, New York. Sunday October Twenty-Second Nineteen Sixteen. Historical Address by Rev. Asher Anderson, D.D. and Fiftieth Anniversary Sermon of Rev. F.M. Kip, D.D. [NYHS]

4) [Family tree of the descendants of Benjamin Kipp, 1703-1782.] Large chart. [NYHS – CS71 .K572 no. 3]

5) Famous Families of New York. Historical and Biographical Sketches of Families which in successive generations have been identified with the Development of the Nation. By Margherita Arlina Hamm. Vol. 1. Heraldic Publishing Co., Inc. New York, NY. 1970. [NYPL]

6) Rivington’s New York Newspaper. Excerpts from a Loyalist Press, 1773-1783. Compiled by Kenneth Scott. New York Historical Society, NY. 1973. [NYPL]

7) Prominent Families of New York. Being an account in biographical form of individuals and families distinguished as representatives of the social, professional and civic life of New York City. Revised edition. The Historical Company, New York. 1898. [NYPL]

8) Commemorative Biographical Record of Dutchess County, New York. Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and of Many of the Early Settled Families. J.H. Beers & Co. Chicago. 1897. [FHL Salt Lake City]

9) Scrapbook of Dutchess County, NY People and Places. 1930-1960 with Index by Arthur C.M. Kelly. Kinship. [FHL Salt Lake City]

10) Dutchess County, NY Obituaries. 100 Years of Deaths Beginning 1849. With index by Arthur C.M. Kelly. [FHL Salt Lake City]

11) History of Duchess County New York, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches. Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers, by James H. Smith. Assisted by Hume H Cale and William E. Roscoe. Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY, 1980. [FHL Salt Lake City]

12) The Chipp Family In England and America with Genealogical Tree. Also Historical and Genealogical Notes on Allied Families. By Charles Howard Burnett, author of Conquering the Wilderness. Los Angeles, 1933. [FHL Salt Lake City]

I will comment on item 4 Family Tree Chart and item 12 the Chipp Family book in another blog. I am finding little pieces to add to the genealogy. It is really difficult to match families sometimes. There are certain names which do not match anything I have and I assume they belong to other Kipp families. I know that other Kipp families came to America later, i.e. the 1800s and settled in New York State.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan 24, 2009

Well the week has just shot by! I seem to have got caught up in the Obama inauguration and ended up watching TV for a couple of days.

Monday I did some Tae Bo to help keep the old body flexible. The basic routine is about 26 minutes long and gives me a workout.

Thursday we went skating on the Rideau Canal one of the biggest natural skating rinks in the world. We skated about 4 km.

Friday we went to the cinema and watched the movie Australia. The movie was great in terms of the scenery, the actors and the story line.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan 19th 2009

Last week it was so cold here in Ottawa that we did not do any skiing or snow shoeing. We did go walking a few times.

Stayed in and read a book “Galileo’s Daughter” by Dava Sobel. It was on the New York Times Bestseller list. It was an excellent book, based on surviving letters from a daughter who was a nun.

We are also watching a BBC DVD production called “A History of Britain”, by Simon Schama. Simon can be a bit boring but the subject is interesting as both of us have ancestors from Britain. This is a production of the BBC and The History Channel and it seems to be well done.

Of course we are also watching the Barack Obama saga on CNN. The whole thing almost seems like the coronation of a Monarch!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 10th Winter Outing

On Saturday my daughter and I went cross country skiing. It was a bit cool but the sun was shinning and it was great exercise.

I hope to get back to genealogy soon and when I do will keep you posted on what I am working on. In the meantime enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Jan 3rd 2009
Another year has started. Time really does seem to move quickly these days. We did have New Years dinner at our daughter’s place. Had a good afternoon and evening. We took Hogan the dog for a walk along with his new brother Jackson.

Haven’t done much this week on genealogy. However, I did scan another 150 plus colour negatives. I am working towards digitizing my colour pictures from about 1975 to 2001, when I went digital.

Jan 2nd my other daughter and I went cross country skiing. Light snow and no sun. We did a round trip of about 7 km. I think we were both exhausted after that, but it was good.