Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 13 to 19

Well we had more rain on Sunday followed by a freeze and then snow 5+ cm. Finally had enough snow to use my snow mover. It has been snow showering off and on all week. Tuesday I attended the monthly meeting of the Ottawa Branch Ontario Genealogical Society. We had our daughter and son-in-law and their two dogs over for dinner on Saturday. We put up our Xmas tree and decorated it. The Ottawa Genealogist has gone to the printer and so has The Royal Yorker. Sunday evening we have the two dogs over night while their parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. Sunday we
got out for our first cross country ski. Very good! I continue to add data to the Kip/Kipp family file and my Link family file. I am also working through one of the "Descendants of Roger Williams" books and adding all of my cousins to my Link file. The more names I have entered the better the possibility of finding other connections. I must be related to a very large number of people living in New England and also the other US states! Walked 58.5 km for the week.

Dec 6 to 12

Time seems to have gotten in the way this week. It just flew by. I have been working on the completion of The Ottawa Genealogist for Jan-Mar. I have also completed the December issue of The Royal Yorker. I am reading a book "George and Laura," by Christopher Anderson. Interesting read about my cousin! More rain and ice this week but not much snow. And all of this nice weather comes from our friend to the south. After it comes from Canada of course a week or so earlier and then in the meantime picks up all of that nice moisture from the mid west and the south and fires it back at Ontario and the East coast. On Monday my wife and I attended a Christmas reception for the Friends of the Library and Archives Canada. The money goes towards "Raise a Reader" program. Tuesday I attend the board meeting of the Ottawa Branch Ontario Genealogical Society. Saturday my wife and I attended the monthly BIFHSGO meeting. Walked 59 km for the week.

Nov 29 to Dec 5

This week has gone really fast. Tuesday I picked my wife up at the Ottawa airport. She had been away in Milwaukee visiting our oldest daughter. This week I have been working on the next issue of the Ottawa Genealogist. The Gene-O-Rama brochure has gone to the printer. I have also been working on converting my 8 mm home video tapes to digital format. This involves running the tape through the video camera and while watching it the signal from the camera goes through a converter device connected to a computer. The resulting digital file looks good. Monday evening a took my son-in-law to the Met Opera replay at Silver City. The opera was Das Rhinegold. We survived! Walked 55.9 km for the week.

November 22 to 28

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
We had some rain on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was sunny. Tuesday I was back at "work" sorting books for the Friends for the Library and Archives Canada Book Sale group. I have also been sorting through my e-mails and pulling out items for use in the next issue of The Ottawa Genealogist. I am also putting together the next Gene-O-Rama brochure for our conference April 1-2, 2011. I am also collecting items for the next issue of The Royal Yorker for the St. Lawrence Branch UELAC. Never a dull moment! I watched a couple of old Jack Benny TV issues I found on DVD. I used to watch that show when I was a kid. Kid, now that is a long time ago! It is still somewhat funny considering many things have changed in 50 years, including our views of humour. Also watched a video tape of the Opera "Das Rhinegold" by Richard Wagner.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Thursday I went to see the current Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 1. I think this is the best one yet. Friday evening I went to Williamstown Ontario for a Christmas party at the Sir John Johnson Manor House Historic Site. The conversation was good and the food was good. All-together a good evening. The driving was good considering that we had had an ice, freezing rain and snow storm overnight on Thursday. Saturday and Sunday I spent some time watching TV and also watching and recording a couple of my Super 8mm home movie tapes into digital format. It was interesting to watch things from 1997/8. Now I need to do the other 40 tapes I have. This will take a few months. In my spare time I continued to work on the Gene-O-Rama brochure and registration form and The Ottawa Genealogist. Walked 49.3 km for the week.

November 15 to 21

Forgot to post for awhile. Too busy!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Monday and Tuesday continued the good weather. Wednesday it rained all day. We have been reorganizing our basement TV room so it is more open. Almost done.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
All this week I have been searching for information on people in my Kip/Kipp Family in America file. I have been adding new information. This is a very slow process. I am also working through Descendants of Roger Williams Book III and adding information on all of my cousins. I plan to do the same for the other three books. They are on order. It rained on Wednesday, enough to make the back yard soggy. Friday I raked the front lawn of debris from the Locust tree for the last time this year. I really do dislike this tree, but at the same time I am attached too it because it has grown with our house for over 30 years. Saturday I attended a luncheon meeting of the Sir Guy Carleton Branch UELAC. The speaker was Gavin Watt who is a military historian who has written a number of books on the Revolutionary War campaigns carried out in the Mohawk Valley of New York. He is an entertaining speaker and provides lots of facts. Walked 47 km for the week. Biked 8.6 km. I guess biking is over for this year.