Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29

Today went fast as well. We looked in on the dogs about noon and took then for an outing in the rain. They were really happy to see us and a bit sad to see us leave. We dried them off with towels.

We spent a hour or so working on my talk for June 16th on Finding My American Ancestors. Finished a rough draft of the ancestors section. Now we work on the resources section and then some slides. Then I need to pare it down to about an hour.

Today we set up a new web page using our shared domain name.
The new web URL is:
My section is up and running. My wife will update her part on Saturday. The reason we are doing this is that Rogers is phasing out our web pages on Yahoo sometime this year. They are also making it difficult to update those pages.

We watched more issues of JAG Season three.
Walked about 8 km.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Orelans May 22-28

May 22
Got started gardening today. Bought some black earth to mix in before planting.
Finished a book called The Spanish Doctor, by Mat Cohen, who is a Canadian. It took a bit of effort to get into the book but once it got going the plot was good. It is a story of the Jews in the late 1300s and early 1400s in Spain and France.Walked about 9.2 km.

May 23
Did some gardening today. I need to plant next week, so that means going to a garden centre to buy some plants. Continued to wage war on the dandelions and plantains in the lawn. My wife and oldest daughter walked the 10K Marathon for Race Weekend here in Ottawa. We had our youngest daughter and fiancee and their dogs over for supper tonight. Walked about 7.5 km.

Sunday to Thursday May 24-28
Sunday my youngest daughter ran the Ottawa Marathon and finished.

The week has gone fast and I don't seem to have accomplished much. We are working on a talk I am given at the Ottawa Branch OGS on June 16th. Title: Finding My American

Monday I spread some black earth on the gardens and them roto-tilled the ground again. We went and bought some plants at the garden centres. I planted about seven new perennials. Walked about 9 km.

Today Thursday and last night it is raining. During a break in the clouds I managed to plant most of the annuals. So I won't have to water much.
This week we have been watching issues of All Creature Great and Small, James Herriot. Walked about: Tuesday 9 km. Wednesday 5 km. Thursday 6 km.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 19-21 Orleans

My wife and I went with the Friends of Library and Archives Canada for a tour of the Gatineau Preservation Centre. The tour was about two hours long and included a look at the building structure plus tours to several of the storage vaults including one containing historical paintings and portraits. We were shown several miniature portraits including a very small locket portrait of a member of the Mohawk Valley Claus family. This is a great tour.
We also restocked our food supplies after being away for a few days.
Walked about 7.4 km.

We did a bit of shopping today. We watched two issues of session 3 of JAG.
Walked about 8.7 km.

Today was a very warm day 26 deg C. Jim and I went for our morning walk in Orleans along with a stop at the local Drug store to pick up a birthday card. After that my wife and I went for an 11 km bike ride on the bike path along the Ottawa River.
In the afternoon I went into my former work place to visit for a while and drop of a CD of most of the pictures I took at work over the 29 years I was there. On my way back home I bought some local asparagus which we had for supper.
Later in the afternoon we went to see Angels and Demons at the movie theatre. The movie plot was quite similar to the book with some differences. In general it was a good action movie. Worth watching!
Walked about 8 km.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday/Sunday/Monday May 16-18

Saturday we stayed in Mineola and packed more items for the move. We had a fog bank pass over us late in the afternoon. Very damp and humid in Mineola. Finished reading Deception Point today. Great book a real thriller. Walked about 6 km.

Sunday we headed out from Long Island about 9 am. We had a nice uneventful drive and arrived in Ottawa about 8 pm. It is nice to be home. Walked about 7 km.

We were lucky to have some food in the freezer and some fresh asparagus from our garden to eat. We forgot that being a holiday there were not supermarkets open. It's a good thing some of the drug store carry some food! Walked about 10 km.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New York City May 11 to 15

Today we stayed around Mineola and did some book packing for the move. Early evening we went for a drive to Jones Beach and walked the 2 mile health walk on the boardwalk. The wind was cold but we survived. Did some work on collecting pictures for possible use at the CISTI reunion in June. CISTI is where I used to work and this year the current building is 35. We walked about 11.3 km.

We all went into Manhattan and spent the day visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent most of our time in the Egyptian Art wing and viewing the Temple of Dendur. We had lunch about 2:30 pm and then went through Medieval Art, Euorpean Scultpure and Decorative Arts and ended with the Arms and Armour exhibit. Very interesting. We have visited this Museum several times and still have not been around to all of the exhibits. Leaving the museum we walked across Central Park by the obelisk, the Great Lawn and Belvedere Castle to catch the Subway to Penn Station. We walked about 14.7 km.

Today Margaret and I went into Manhattan and spent the afternoon visiting the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. We viewed all of the decks that were open and also walked through the Concorde. The Intrepid is one massive beast. We both sat in the Captains chair. It would be like driving a city block. We walked about 13.70 km.

Today we essentially did nothing. I started reading the book Deception Point by Dan Brown. This is a really fast moving thriller as well. The weather was a bit damp so we didn't go for a long walk. In the evening we went to the AMC theatre and saw the new Star Trek movie. It was full of action. I found it a bit odd, because the graphics which are quite different than any used in the other Star Trek series. Total walk for the day about 7 km.

Today we stayed on Long Island. Margaret and I took a drive towards Huntington on the Long Island Sound side of the Island. At Huntington we visited The Heckscher Museum of Art and park. The art collection was good but small. We viewed some art by April Gronik. The park was quite interesting also. We noted where the Huntington Historical Society was but it wasn't open. In Huntington we found the Nathan Hale memorial and also an historic local cemetery dating back to the Revolution. We then drove further north on Route 110 towards the sound and stoped at Halesite, where we talked briefly to couple of volunteer firemen about historic sites and looked at the harbour. We drove a bit further looking for the Nathan Hale marker on the sound but didn't find it. Another time! In the evening we did a 3 km walk in Eisenhower Park at Garden City. Continued reading Deception Point and hope to finish it tonight. Total walk for the day about 9 km.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New York City May 7 to 10th

We travelled by VIA Rail from Ottawa to Montreal and they took Amtrack to New York City. This is a 16 hour trip. Plus we then had to take the LIRR to Mineola on Long Island.

We stayed home and late in the afternoon drove out to Jones beach on the Atlantic side of
Long Island. It is about a 20 minute drive. Jones Beach is a great place to walk on the 2 mile
boardwalk. The beach is great also. They are getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend as they have put out a few thousand wire garbage containers. It is always interesting to walk along the seashore edge and watch the waves roll in.

We went into Manhattan on the Long Island Railroad and viewed the Frick Collection at 5th Avenue and 71st Street. This is a fabulous painting collection from the Frick family who were into Steel producton. Lots of old masters paintings. This is worthwhile seeing.

It was warm and humid and there were lots of people out in Central Park just strolling and taking in the almost summer like air. We walked around Central Park for about an hour. One item we noticed was the pond called Conservatory Water. People were sailing minature sailboats on the pond. There was a guy there renting the model boats. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

Today we went for a drive across Long Island towards New York. We traveled into Brooklyn on the Belt Parkway past JFK and then took the Varrezano Narrows Bridge to Staten Island. The idea of the trip was to visit Historic Richmond Town on Staten Island. A few of my Huguenot Ancestors lived there in the early 1700s. Their surnames were Perlier, Renaud and Rezeau.

It took use about 1 1/2 hours to get there. We thought the return journey would be longer but it only took an hour. Heavy traffic both ways but not to bad a drive. We had a guided tour and since it was Mother's Day my wife got in free. The tour guide was great but the historic village itself was just OK. Maybe I have seen too many of them. Anyway, we did see inside the Voorlezer's House built c. 1695, where some of my Rezeau ancestors lived later in the 1700s.

The Staten Island Historical Society has a room there as well. I will have to write them and see if I can gets copies of some baptisms and marriages from their records.

The weather today was sunny but rather cool due to a strong west wind.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday May 4, 2009

Over the last few weeks I have read a couple of interesting books.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, a biography, by Marion Meade. Hawthorne Books, Inc., New York. 1977.

Eleanor was the wife of Louis VII of France and Henry II of England. The biography is told from her point of view which is quite interesting and different from the "kingly" point of view. Her children in particluar by Henry II turned out to be reasonably influential, Richard the Lion Heart, and his brother King John. Grandchildren included Otto, Holy Roman Emperor, Louis VII and Louis IX of France and Henry III of England.

The Illustrated History of Britain, by Sir George Clark. British Heritage Press, New York. 1984.

This is a brief history with the text divided into eras. Lots of images.

I have restarted my project of looking at the Kip and Kipp entries in the 1850 US Census and trying to match them with my Kip Family in America Legacy genealogy file. This is really difficult to do and the success rate does not seem to be high.

Sunday we went to the spring meeting of the St. Lawrence Branch United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada meeting near Williamstown, Ontario. It was a great afternoon for weather. We had a pot luck lunch and then a talk about a tour to Enlgand, France and Belgium to visit sites where the Glengarry regiments (Eastern Ontario) had fought during the Second World War.