Monday, April 18, 2011

Connecticut State Library

Last week we spent one day researching some of my Connecticut families at the State Library in Hartford. We stayed at Windsor Locks about 15 minutes north of Hartford, so had to contend with morning and evening traffic, but it wasn't that bad. We worked our way through the spreadsheet of items we had prepared in advance but didn't find any really unusual discoveries.

I did find however that the State Library had a complete 2048 page copy of

Abstract of the Title of Kip's Bay Farm in the City of New York, with All Known Maps Relating thereto...Also, the Early History of the Kip Family and the Genealogy as refers to the Title, by John J. Post, NY, 1894. PP. i - x, preface, 2056 p. front., fold maps. 27 cm.

Most libraries only have the 13 pages of genealogy from the front of the book.

I know of several other complete copies none of them in Canada. So I took the opportunity to make digital images of a number of pages. I want to go through these images to confirm or add to family lines.

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